Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

Designed in house and in association with Dellmeco, Diaphragm Pumps Ltd presents the Bullet submersible diaphragm pump.

Initially designed for Leachate removal, the Bullet Submersible Pump has numerous applications where access to the liquid is challenging.

At less than 4” diameter and 16” long, the Bullet can fit down holes smaller than most air operated diaphragm pumps. With a maximum flow of 25 litres per minute the Bullet is the smallest in this new design, with 5” and 7” models currently in production.

Conventional Landfill pumps due to their length can jam in the pipes and also can leave up to a metre depth of residual liquid. The Bullet pumps down to just a few mm from the floor.

The Bullet has the ability to stop/start as often as required. Can run dry without damage and self-prime below themselves. It is ideal for leachate applications as it is also ATEX approved.

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